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About the Company

Who we are

With more than sixty years of experience, TPA (Thymio Papayannis and Associates) located in Athens, is one of the oldest and largest multidisciplinary consulting firms in Greece.

TPA has a long-standing social presence in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, with studies, programs and interventions in the fields of regional planning, environmental protection, urban planning and environment, landscape, regeneration projects, as well as contemporary architectural and structural creation, with emphasis on tourism, health and sport facilities.

TPA has broad experience in close collaboration with international clients and consultants. Many international and Greek distinctions and awards, publications and scientific reports have made the work of the Firm widely known for its quality and reliability.

How we think

The TPA team, drawing from more than 60 years of experience of the firm and with social sensitivity, vision, creativity, persistence for excellence and innovative work, contributes to the improvement of the quality of life, giving to its projects, in a consistent and integrated manner, the spirit and identity of each place. We built on our legacy.

We bring our values to our work

We conceive space as a natural resource and as the shelter/ the base of almost all human activities, where people should intervene and shape it according to his needs.

We design successful places that leave a positive footprint and enrich local communities. That’s why people and nature are at the heart of everything we do.  – create memorable experiences for city dwellers; providing a world away to resort guests; or enabling vulnerable communities to support one another — believing that design can change people’s lives for the better.

We preserve and protect cultural values, respecting human history and footprint. We recognize and respect the centrality of nature in Greek culture

We implement in our projects a landscape-led approach, respecting and enhancing the natural beauty of places and building from bottom up, based on the uniqueness of their geography and topography.

We make landscape and ecology a design priority that may contribute to the resilience of the cities and areas that we work with -from landscaping to parks and walkways.

We follow an Integrated and Holistic Approach

We understand that our role is to manage effectively and with inspiration not only the investor and operator business and program plan, the natural and financial resources, the natural and anthropogenic space, and the broader landscape in which it must fit in harmony, but also the intangible spirit of each place. The “genius loci”, the spiritual identity of every destination, must be preserved and displayed in a creative, unobtrusive and invasive way, that reflects and generates, re-balancing the sense of time and space, creating the relation to earth, natural materials, simplicity and purity of forms.


We invite you to learn more about our work. Our proposed complex and integrated approach calls for the studies to be promoted in a coherent way, by an interdisciplinary team working and monitoring the project from its inception to its implementation. This approach ensures continuity, compliance with design options and project budget – through continuous value engineering.

What we do

TPA’s versatility and extensive experience allow us to aim at a holistic management

of space, a sustainable development with wise use of resources, at the enhancement

of natural and cultural wealth of each

place, and undertake and see through the successful end complex studies of spatial development, integrated studies of building projects, special interior design studies.

How we do it

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our clients in the most effective and efficient manner, while taking seriously into account the sustainable use of resources and the respect to the cultural and natural heritage.

The goals of our activities are thorough planning and design, integrated management of space within the framework of sustainability principles, and contribution to the satisfaction of individual and social needs. The fundamental guideline in pursuit of these targets is the conservation and wise use of resources and the protection, management and enhancement of the natural and cultural wealth of each area we are asked to intervene. This culture is transmitted from elder to younger professionals in a constructive and refreshing process.

Throughout its many years of existence, TPA has maintained the same goal: providing professional services of high international quality, within agreed cost and time frameworks. For us, design excellence goes hand in hand with functional, technical, ecological and financial considerations.

The scientific staff of the Firm adopting multidisciplinary and holistic approaches in project implementation, and within the framework of the studies it undertakes, is called to:

●○          Provide spatial development and management.

●○          Resolve issues of organization and planning of space,

with interventions of a different nature, character and scale.

●○          Address effectively malfunctions and conflicts between land

uses, enriching the built environment and public realm, making

it more open, innovative and resilient.

●○          Formulate proposals that aim at the unified goal of economic

development and sustainable use of resources.

●○          Design modern construction shells that correspond to the

users ever-increasing demands and which will make the most

advantageous use of new technologies and new materials.

Company Overview
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