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Piemonte Samsarelou Architects is an architectural services company led by Domenico Piemonte and Katerina Samsarelou who has more than 15 years of experience and numerous national and international prizes in the field of architecture.


After more than 10 years in Barcelona (Spain), in 2015 the firm opens its Head Office in Athens (Greece) and starts to focus its work in Greece, maintaining partnership and close cooperation with the Spanish office Carlos Ferrater Partnership (O.A.B.)


PiSaA won in 2008 the tender for the design of 42 working houses in Sardinia and the tender for the rebuilding of an industrial area in Verona, Italy. They were also awarded with the third prize in the competition for the construction of 15 experimental houses in Rome.

In 2010 was selected to participate in the 6th Biennale of Greek Architects in Athens (Greek Institute of Architecture) and in 2012 the office is included in the New Italian Blood TOP10 Award

In 2013 PiSaA is invited to participate in the ‘One Way’ exhibition at the MAXXI Museum of Rome.

In 2016, they are awarded with the 2nd prize in the International Architectural Competition: Valley of Life, which involves the design of a 1,000,000 square meter urban park in Istanbul.

In 2017 they receive 1st prize at the International Architectural Competition for the design of a Cultural Center in the industrial district of Oristano, Italy.

In 2019, PiSaA win the 3rd prize in the International Architectural Competition for the design of the New Archaeological Museum of Sparta, Greece.


In 2021 PiSaA undertakes a series of projects for the Onassis Foundation in Athens:

The new access building to the Onassis Culture headquarters in Sigrou avenue

ONX Studio Athens, an accelerator, workspace and presentation gallery

Reuse of an industrial building and reconversion into Cultural Center in Athens

Today, PiSaA deals with new public and private projects focused on the combination of Architecture, Landscape and Urban Planning, with projects in Italy, Spain and mainland Greece and the Greek islands

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