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on• entropy is a marble atelier established in 2009 in Athens and London with a focus on metamorphosis.
Expanding from object to space consciousness.

Marble, an archetypal Greek material,
takes on an unconventional role in on• entropy’s designs; they encapsulate the contradiction of
being heavy and compact and at the same time vulnerable, fragile and translucent.

Its diverse character is the core of the atelier’s founding mission: to experiment with marble and its entropy;
its potential for metamorphosis, embracing its inherent limitations.
The result is the craftsmanship of intricate and delicate sculptures, evolving its diachronic qualities in an imaginative & contemporary way.

Created and run by sisters Niki and Zoe Moskofoglou, on• entropy is the fruit of a 40-year long, family affair with marble in Greece.
NM is an architect with an academic training in Design. Her work demonstrates an architectural detailing
and instinct of how Space and Object can surpass mere function.
ZM is a civil engineer with expertise in Sustainable Heritage. She cultivates her passion in the marriage of
cultural and natural environment through academic research in Cultural Landscapes.

NZM founded their design studio to reflect both art and craft. Pushing the boundaries of marble,
their work begins with the human experience and an interaction with the senses; it demands contemplation.

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