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INTERIOR DESIGN LABORATORIUM is a boutique interior design firm founded by Stamos Hondrodimos in 2009. The creative base of the company is located in the center of Athens and is made up of a team of highly qualified partners, such as interior architects, architect engineers, lighting and graphic designers.

The location of each project, the environment and its people, the light, the energy and the landscape, the good or bad architecture, the history and the local materials, are the most significant impressions of an initial approach to creation of an inspired design identity. While nature serves as a starting point of inspiration, tradition esthetic, as also practices, that is found in places where people value their history and roots, fosters an additional design motivation of a timeless originality.

INTERIOR DESIGN LABORATORIUM believes in the uniqueness of each project, as if it’s a dream, as a new story to be told, each time distinct just as each customer, each space and each building. The design serves and creates balanced spaces whilst having as a start the philosophy of studied simplicity, adding details of character and finesse. In the simplicity of the result one can always sense a quiet luxury emanating from the flawless functional design and the excellent quality of materials. With every project the aim is to create a unique environment that will leave a lasting impression on its visitors. The common denominator of all projects is the careful, holistic design and the attention to detail. Natural materials that integrating from the surrounding landscape and references to tradition, combined with authentic design elements, are intended to approach a design practice whose purpose is to highlight authenticity through a high-end result.

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