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The firm “Yiannis Vikelas & Associate Architects” was founded in 1960. It was later renamed “I. & A. Vikelas & Associate Architects” when Alexios Vikelas joined the firm in 2000. The office has dealt with almost every subject in architecture, from interior design and private houses to urban developments and large-scale projects, such as airports, factories, parks, museums, and hotel resorts. It has also been involved in the design of major Olympic venues and recently in the field of restoration and remodeling of historic or listed buildings.
In 2010 there was a retrospective exhibition held at the Benaki Museum displaying all major studies and built projects until then, followed by a special monograph.
In general, the firm has gained its reputation by the design of high-rise buildings in the seventies, shopping centers in the eighties, and office buildings in the last thirty years.
Studies of private houses and residential complexes, interior design, and shops are maybe not widely known in a total of nearly one thousand studies and constructed projects.

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