About the Company

Detale is a dynamic organization established in 2012 deriving from the engineering office of «Pastras & Associates» operating since 1957. Our main objective is to provide integrated architectural and engineering services in the fields of planning, design, supervision and management of buildings of all dimensions, from private homes to public infrastructures.

Our firm consists of professional architects and engineers of all specialties. This blend of services and skills offers us a highly flexible character, so that the output can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client. Along with our clients’ satisfaction, another of our major concerns is the constant respect of the Community and the Environment through all functional, technical, aesthetic and financial aspects.

Our aim is the creation of unique projects with emphasis on high quality and details always using the latest methods and technology. For over sixty years we have been working both in the private and public sector, accomplishing complex projects, which demand professional competence, technical skills and expertise. However, we do not rest, but instead make sure that we are always informed about news and innovations in our field.

Our vision is to create buildings that are beautiful by themselves. Buildings that are captivating even when they are empty and are so pure in their simplicity, they are complex. Buildings that inspire, tell a story and evoke your imagination.

Company Overview
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