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Decathlon S.A. consists of architects, town planners and engineers with extensive experience in the design and management of public engineering and private construction projects, as well as in the Real Estate sector.
The associates and founders of the practice, architects Petros Synadinos and Christos Kourtis, have been collaborating for over 35 years; it is also worth mentioning that Decathlon’s associates & staff includes experienced experts, whereas the firm has been in constant collaboration with International Consultants from the United Kingdom and other European countries, as well as from USA & Australia. Has been involved in the design of projects related to: Sports & Leisure, Tourist Developments, Commercial Office & Retail Buildings, Health, Culture–Education, Transport, Temporary Structures; an also has participated in a number of National and International Architectural Competitions.
During the last 5 years Decathlon has worked systematically in the fields of Bioclimatic Architecture, developing standards of energy saving techniques.
Has been also active in the fields of Town Planning, and during the last 15 years has been involved in the working out of Special Zoning Development Plans related to the development of:
• The main activity precincts for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games
• Public Property assets all over the country, and
• The implementation of “Strategic Investments Projects”
In addition, Decathlon has been acting as an expert on the working out of “Technical Due Diligence Reports” on the Evaluation of Public/Private Property Assets.
Since the 1980s’ Decathlon has developed a special expertise in the preparation of official bid files for Major International Events like: Olympic Games, International Championships or/and Events related in general to the so-called Events Making Industry.
Finally, Decathlon has an extensive experience in the field of Project Management.

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