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The architectural office VOIS was founded in Athens in 2006 by Katerina Vordoni and Fania Sinaniotou and is constituted by a team of young architects. The two met at high school, studied a the same time in London, worked together at Boston and at their arrival at Athens started up VOIS office. The office is based in Athens and is active in Greek region but also abroad. The main focus is on private work that covers a wide spectrum uses and scales from residences, multiplexes,hotels, office and shops. Drawing inspiration from daily life, habits, moments and objects the architectural course ofeach project is defined. Having as a basic rule the alteration, every project is a new start. In every new architectural start thepossibility is given to reconfigure the materials, redefine the form and rethink the function. Dialogue is incorporated in theprocess of design and in the axis of growth and improvement of an architectural product. The analysis and recording of eachindividual, typology, and environment in the course of study are essential. The product of the design process is a concept that creates an architectural story that is read and translated in different scales. Objective of the office is that each architectural undertaking of independent scale contains substance, quality and creativity.

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